Consulting: Art and Architecture

"The more cheerful, the better", is Renate Menneke's maxim. The artist does not limit her art to canvas but also creates colour concepts for interior spaces.

A good example of this is a children's home in Offenbach, where disabled children live. With her cheerful, bright colour concept in Haus Jonah, Renate Menneke has created a counterpoint that – instead of creating an oppressive atmosphere – brightens the everyday life of these children. "By using these fresh and bright colours, I want to get away from the cliché image of what facilities for the disabled are supposed to look like." Avoiding beige, grey and dark green – colours that were frequently used for such facilities during the seventies – Renate Menneke selected light green and sunshine yellow for both the interior and the exterior. This is a colour spectrum that can easily be combined with furniture and curtains of many different colours and also wonderfully merges with the natural surroundings.

"Cheerful colours have a positive effect on the atmosphere of a room and influence our well-being far more than we consciously notice." All this being said, Renate Menneke also values a clear and uncomplicated design: Circles, colour accentuations and clear lines are characteristic of her work.